Article for Round Up February 2014

A new year has begun and now there’s just one year and two months to go before hundreds of interstate and overseas dancers converge on Adelaide for the 56th Australian National Square Dance Convention.

Opportunities to dance Mainstream, Plus and A level will be spread over five days. So if you can dance to at least Mainstream level then there will be lots of dancing for you! A major attraction is the chance to meet other dancers from around Australia and overseas. The committee would love to see all South Australian clubs well represented at the 2015 Convention. It will be a further 7 years or so before there is another National Convention in South Australia. So be sure to make the most of the one next year! Registration forms will be available to Australian dancers from 23rd April this year, either by downloading from the website or from our Registrations Officer Jan Stephens.

Talking of overseas dancers, you’ll see a map on the home page of our website that shows that people from numerous other countries have looked at the website - countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Some countries you might not expect to see there are China, the Philippines, Thailand, Czechoslovakia and Luxembourg! Let’s hope we get dancers from all those countries attending.

You will also see on our website an invitation to all callers and cuers who register for the Convention to send us a précis of their calling and/or cuing experience together with a photograph. We’ll then publish it on our website (here) so that dancers can see who will be on stage. So if you are a caller or cuer, why not start getting your resumé ready now so it will be ready to send after you register. Send it to

Welcome to a new year of Square Dancing! 

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