The Cool Cat Crèche

A crèche for children from 6 months to 12 years is available on-site and registration is FREE. All children intending to use the crèche MUST be registered by Nov 30th, 2014, to allow for adequate staffing arrangements to be made.

The crèche will operate from 6.45pm until 10.45pm Thursday to Monday, and only children who have registered will be permitted into this area. (Compulsory information forms due by 31 Jan 2015)

There is a section for crèche registrations on our registration form. For further enquiries, please email the crèche co-ordinator by filling in the contact form on the right.

The Cool Cat Club

There will be a designated area for youth and junior dancers to gather to enjoy each other’s company. This area is unsupervised and no registration is required, however, parents are responsible for their children whilst using this facility.

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