Article for Round Up November 2013

Behold! - One of our advertising banners displayed enticingly at the 2013 Convention in Gosford. It will also be prominently featured next year in Canberra and of course will take pride of place at our Adelaide Convention in 2015.

Remember to keep putting your small change to one side each week so that you can scoop it up to pay for your 2015 Convention tickets when they become available to Australian dancers at the end of April next year. Overseas dancers are able to register now. So if you have friends overseas tell them about our website where they can download a registration form from (you guessed it!) the Registration page.

Our creative team has designed most of the decorations needed for the Convention and have started either making them or getting them made. As you know, our theme is “Come to the Cabaret” and our theme colours are red and black. We think that the venue will be quite striking when it is fully decorated. 

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